Guiding Your Event

and keeping everyone on course

A Spinhead provides you with a consistent shape that alerts, informs and directs viewers in a very friendly manner. It comes in several forms and heights to meet the needs of any  participatory event. The product can be set up in minutes, stands at attention, and guides you in the harshest of weather conditions. And up to eleven (11) feet tall, they can't be missed. The opportunities with spinheads though goes beyond turn by turn assistance. Contact us to learn more and for a free course evaluation by our experienced team.

Works With All

From triathlon to running, cycling to skiing and more, there is a Spinhead product that will work for any type of event

Works In All

The unique Spinhead design sets up in minutes and remains a solid performer in all kinds of weather ranging from heavy rain to snow to high winds


Whether you rent or buy, Spinhead ambassadors are a cost effective solution to an Event Director's biggest nightmares: a course gone wrong and lost in an expo

A Must

From ease of set up, low cost and weather durability, Spinheads are truly a must have to ensure the top-tier integrity of your event

Guiding Participants

from first to finish

A Spinhead's job is simple:  Stand at attention, regardless of the weather conditions and guide everyone safely through the race course. From the lead vehicle to the clean up crew and everyone that comes between, the goal of each spinhead is to help ensure everyone stays the course.


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Our team

Craig Canon
Craig Canon

Founder and CEO...

Founded by CEO and President, Craig Canon, the Spinhead team continues to expand. We are runners, swimmers, cyclists, skiers and more with years of experience in all aspects of participatory events.

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If you are interested in joining our team or learning about the career opportunities at spinhead, please contact us.

Our Services

We Offer Many Different Products To Choose From

Spinheads are ideal for any competitive or fundraising event ranging from open water swims, road race, walks, cycling and even trail events. And best of all, they work in all weather conditions

Buy Or Rent or Rent To Buy Options Available

We offer a number of opportunities to bring spinheads to your event. From buying to renting or even renting to buy, we offer opportunities that meet your financial goals

Brand Your Event Through Our Custom Designs

Spinheads offer more than just turn by turn assistance. They offer the opportunity to brand your event in many unique ways and even sponsorship opportunities to increase revenue

Free Course Evaluations By Our Experienced Team

Our experienced and trained team will review your course and help you understand opportunities to improve your participants experience. To learn more or schedule a free evaluation please contact us today

Our Trained And Local Teams Can Handle All Race Day Logistics

Race day is hectic so let our trained and local teams handle all of the logistics in setting up your spinheads. We can coordinate set up, staffing and tear down with no assistance from your staff

Spinheads Have Been Tested And Proven By Many

Spinheads have been outstanding in some of the largest races in the U.S. From Ironman Boulder to Bloomsday to Cherry Blossom, close to a quarter-million people have safety guided without any advanced instructions
Satisfied Events

Whether you set up the Spinheads yourself or have our team handle the logistics, you'll be amazed at how simple and fast it happens....

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Spinheads Spotted

At close to 11 feet tall, a Spinhead won't be missed. Add in the fashionable orange safety color and this ambassador is sure to be seen by all....

Events Covered

From open water to switchback trails to snow and more, Spinhead is a friendly, suitable landmark for every type of event....

Participants Lost

From rain to snow to wind and more, a Spinhead is always there to guide your participants. From first to last, everyone will see it...

Spinhead Photos

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303 988-0600